Just let it go

Assalamualaikum . 

 Honestly , i'm still waiting . Waiting time running every seconds . Hoping time is ticking so fast . So that i can move on with my new life. The real move on. Not like before!

Seriously , I'm tired! Too tired with the drama that surrounds me. When i said enough , means enough ! Do you know that ? Can't you understand my words ? should I repeat again again and again ?

'' promise '' 
Do you really understand that word ? do you ? Please, stop making any promise cause you can't . honestly you can't . You just realize your mistake just for a few days ! only a few days !! Then , you starting make nonsense story about the real situation .

I dont pry ! Honestly i'm not ! I 'm just want you realize that i willing do anything for my friends even though its hurting me ! I told you already about my real intention right ?  so , why you told others that i pry ? why ? 

I didn't mention that i would not forgive you . I just told you that , we would settle down this when we are face to face . that's not clear ? why you told others otherwise ?

I really disappointed ! You are one of my best friends. Why you do that ? I know that i've been using a coarse way to reprimand your attitude but i had ! If i'm remind you with 'kind' language , you would not realized like before. so , i was choose that way while hoping that i can get the old you. But i was wrong ! totally wrong ! You never care at all. 

Nevermind , you already choose your way . what can i do right ? it's up to you to tell the otherwise situation because i dont care anymore. You never know the real our intention because in your mind , we are wrong and just you right . I hope you will understand what we was did . we did all this thing just for your benefit ! Just yours ! not us !   

#Dear fatin , please and please . stop thinking about others! please think about yourself. no one care about your life . your coming future. Just look at yourself and try improve your own weakness . Let everything go ! Just waiting for the next :D
Suka entry nie? like jelah..

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