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Assalamualaikum ,

Day by day , month by month . I'm still here in Bandar Mas. the same routine everyday. Every morning , i will help my mom at my shop. The tile shop.
  I have a dream. My great dream. I really eager to achieve my dream even though it can kill me slowly . I dont care actually -,-

One day , i want to be an architect . The best architect in Malaysia. No ! In the world ever. I want my parents proud of me. I want prove to others that i can be. 

PUO ( Politeknik Ungku Omar ) is my first target . I want to be the PUO student. My first planning. Someone told me , the senior of PUO , the PUO will upgrade as university . Oh really ? That's mean the qualification become  stringent . honestly , i worried ! 

 Honestly, I was really scared when I was thinking about my future. yes! My future is terrible and frightening.
sometimes I wonder, am I able to achieve my dream? or I'll stay forever this way? Am I going to be an architect? or salesperson only? or just as a housewife? How if I can not get PUO? That means that my plans will be ruined. And to develop a new plan, it will take time. who knows how long time . 

many questions in the mind. they just buried and just waiting for what will happen. I hope it's not as bad as what is imagined. yes! I hope.
# I am blessed to have the best family, he is very understanding and the good friends who are always by my side. thanks a lot dear :')

Suka entry nie? like jelah..

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